Short Stories / 144 pages / 2014 / Ed. Gollarín

A father has the dubious pleasure of seeing his adolescent son's dreams on a virtual player, a long-term unemployed person decides to retire to live in a video game from his childhood, a young woman deals with her father's illness as if she were When an electrical appliance breaks down, two scientists discuss possible time travel as the world collapses around them...

The seven stories that make up Europe describe familiar everyday life in future scenarios, collective and individual apocalypses, and perhaps a common idea or theme: the way in which virtual spaces –in frank competition with physical spaces– alter the conception of the public and the private. Imaginary worlds within reach, palpable and present in the daily life of some characters for whom reality only seems to provide devalued experiences.

The author invents a future in a world with no apparent future, a future without a future condemned to look exclusively at the past.